I was overweight, overwhelmed, and so over it.
I was a busy physician, wife, mother, and given my age and family history, knew menopause was just around the corner.

I'm Dr. Toomer, and this was me twenty years ago before I lost 60 pounds (then another 20, then another 35) and reversed my insulin dependent diabetes, and survived a pregnancy related debilitating heart condition.

Since then, I've helped my patients collectively lose thousands of pounds, take control of their health,
and get their lives back. 

I can help you too, but only if you let me.



Depressed when stepping on a scale? Been there.  Hiding from photos? Been there too.

I'm Dr. Catherine Toomer and this is the ONLY photo of me near my heaviest

Though I am a medical doctor, I still wanted help and encouragement to reverse my obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy related congestive heart failure...

But I also wanted help with mom-guilt, job insecurity & the psychological impact of not feeling healthy.

But, the popular "eat-less-exercise-more" approach that many programs push, doesn't work...as you might have experienced.

And let's not even talk about the "shame-to-change" so many in weight loss spaces are fond of...

I was even turned away from well known programs for being too high risk.

So I created my own program, and what is now the TOTAL Wellness + Weight Loss was born.

I lost 60 pounds in 6 months twenty-one years ago, and another 55 pounds since - even through life's stresses, menopause, a pandemic.

More about Dr. Toomer

So I basically kind of gave up...

I kept asking my doctors ...their answers: eat better.

I thought I was... so I basically kind of gave up.

I felt bad, my knees were hurting, my weight was out of control and I was on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes...

I originally went to Dr Toomer for help to lose weight.

While she did help me do that, she also was the only one who listened, helped figure out what was going on, why I gained weight to begin with...

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.

*images shown with permission

If you really want to get...

  • Your stress under control
  • Restful sleep
  • Control your eating & cravings 
  • Joint & back pain relief
  • Rid of feeling overwhelmed 

In a space where you get accountability, support, AND keep your privacy

Please don't let this opportunity pass you by

There really is no other live group coaching wellness + weight loss membership program like this anywhere online.

I know that sounds salesy, but I'm a doctor - I'm lousy at selling anything,
but I'm really good at service.

click here if you're ready

So, how did a dying 4'11" 200+ pound 36yo 
become a 115 pound 57yo loving life?

By breaking weight loss industry rules and finding my MEMO 
MEMO = Minimal Effort for Maximum Outcome
Some programs do so much that's unnecessary...this program isn't that.

If you're tired & struggle with finding time and motivation, then this is for you - 
something simple that works.

 I reversed my obesity, got off insulin, and survived congestive heart failure.
Then spent the next 20 years helping my patients collectively lose thousands of pounds to maximize their health & wellness.

And the best part?  It's yours now.
My program will help you lose weight, gain quality of life, 
& find your MEMO too.

The Total Wellness + Weight Loss 
is a group coaching membership program

for real and lasting weight loss even if you're busy, tired,

and dealing with the changes of life & time.

(like a gym membership that gives you the results you want, but you'll actually have time to use)

  • Designed with busy people in mind; everything can be done at your own pace and on your own time, with 24/7 support.  
  • Join events live or listen later at your convenience.
  • Ask questions live, or send them anonymously (or not) to Dr. Toomer or a course coordinator.
See more details in the FAQ


  • Being in control of your eating whether traveling, partying, stressed out, or sitting around bored.
  • Knowing exactly how to lose weight & keep it off.
  • Being pain free
  • Not dreading your day
  • Getting restful sleep & energy 
  • Controlling your diabetes or never getting it. How good would THAT feel??

Imagine where you will be this time next year if you take charge now...

or if you don't.


It's just a great feeling not to have joint pain every day, all the time.

(My) joints no longer hurt...

I went from having severe shoulder pain and hip pain after sitting for awhile and then try to get up and walk

and now it's like I can just get up and go. Now it doesn't hurt.

I wake up in the morning...

My shoulders don't hurt...

It's just a great feeling not to have joint pain every day all the time.


A gift when you join:

  •  A SureFiz Weight Management WiFi body composition scale ($450 value)—yours to keep.*
  • 1 year free use SureFiz app.
  • For doctor monitoring & nutritional guidance
  • Create your own accountability groups within the app

 * Shipping is provided by the manufacturer and restricted to North America, Europe, and Australia.

*A private coaching session will be given to those outside of the eligible shipping countries ($500 value)


 No other  wellness & weight loss membership program gives you access to so many highly respected doctors in their fields.

Others programs cost thousands...

But you pay way less...and get so much more

I am a Community Health and Family Medicine doc...
I want you to to get the help & encouragement you need without paying a ridiculous amount.


Early enrollment deal extended to February 1st

Lost 50 pounds

"...for years I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight.

I went to Dr Toomer and she discovered the issue...

I have lost 50 pounds to date...

Thank you Dr. Toomer."

Linda W.

Easier than I thought

"Dr. Toomer is great!

Always available and so encouraging!

She is making my weight loss journey easier than I ever thought it could be!

Made it to 2 milestones and still going!"

Kelly S.

client names withheld to maintain their privacy


Meet your health, wellness, & weight loss course creator 

Catherine H. Toomer, M.D.

Hello! I’m Dr. Toomer, physician, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and creator of the TOTAL Wellness + Weight Loss Membership Program to help individuals, perhaps like you,  who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or maybe overwhelmed by all the weight loss noise being shoved down your throat (pun intended).

Weight loss should lead to  a life of calm, control, and confidence, not constant struggle to keep it off.

I know that TOTAL Wellness + Weight Loss Program will give you what you want and need. I lost 100 pounds using my program without exercise and without starving...it can be done

I’ve been a physician for 25 years, helping my patients & clients collectively lose thousands of pounds and keeping it off (myself included)...

Now I will help you

So why all the dandelions? Because they are the symbol of transformation and that is what my program represent.