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Catherine H. Toomer, M.D. 

Founder/CEO: Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers, LLC

Creator: Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ Program


I graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine with a strong foundation in a holistic/integrative approach to person care.

The holistic/integrative approach was reinforced when when specializing in Community Health and Family Medicine  - Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville. 

I've spent over 23 years helping my patients maximize their health and wellness, often with significant weight loss.

When I had a medical crisis and couldn't find a program that worked for me, so I  created my own - Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️.

I now coach and customize my program for anyone struggling to find the right health, wellness, and weight loss plan to fit their unique needs.

I've helped hundreds of people lose hundreds of pounds to get their health and wellness back on track...including myself.

I can help you too!

This is what I know...

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry designed to create repeat customers...

By the time my clients come to me, they've been on a diet rollercoaster for years, they are tired of giving up their favorite foods for little result, eating food they don't really like and neither does their family, jumping through diet hoops away from their friends, and for what? Short term changes if any at all.

Many are ready to give up on ever losing weight and feeling better...

You want something normal you can do forever...nothing too weird, nothing extreme, just a way to eat normal food in a healthier way and lose the weight you want and gain the energy you need.

I'll get you off the yo-yo rollercoaster and on track to having a healthy relationship with food and scale.


 This is what I also know, that:

To fix any problem, you have to find the cause.

You can't carry water in a bucket without fixing the holes first!

Food is least it should be.  It isn't what you eat, but how and when you eat it...

Wearing a winter coat in Summer would be very uncomfortable. But it's not the coat that's the problem, but when it's being worn.

Many "diet" plans give you a leaky bucket then blame you when it doesn't hold water, or tell you to stop wearing the coat, instead of showing you when to wear it and still be comfortable.


I also know that:

Wellness is more than weight loss, and the weight lost is in more than other words, there is a lot that weights us down that can't be measured on a scale.

When I needed help, the so called weight loss gurus had never struggled to lose weight and didn't fully understand how hard it can be, the stress it can cause.

And they really didn't understand the fear of not being able to keep going. 

Not much has changed since then...



Twenty years ago, I was obese, depressed, and overwhelmed.  I  was sick and tired of being sick and tired...

I tried to lose weight, and would lose a little, then gain it back when I'd fall off the wagon.

I was already tired and didn't need anything else that was hard.

So I used my medical knowledge and patient experience to create a plan that made-sense and was easy...

I lost 60 pounds and kept it off - through menopause, life stress, a pandemic...

I have since helped many others lose weight and lose other issues that weigh them down...

As one patient put it: "I didn't realize how bad I felt until after 2 weeks of following my plan and I feel so much better..."

"This is too easy..." is something I  hear a lot.

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James (lost 187 pounds)

" doctor keeps dropping my medication..."

Kelly (lost 40 pounds)

“This has been easy.  I hardly think about it and I’m still losing weight” – 

Jane (lost 27 pounds)

“… I had given up and God blessed me when I found you…” 

Do you know why you're here?


If you are like most people, you are trying to wade through the noise and take the guess work out of weight loss while trying to avoid another Yo-Yo diet.

Or you feel like giving up, but hope this will finally work...

You want to lose weight and get  healthier with a plan that works...

You're hoping this will be different from all the other programs you've tried...

You are overwhelmed with little time and energy and don't want anything difficult that will set you up for failure...

You want something you can do consistently to keep the results you've achieved...

You want a plan to fit you and not the other way around...

I am here to help you

I started out just like you...

I gained weight over many years (through medical school, marriage, babies)..

I was diabetic, depressed, and obese...

Then 3 days after this photo was taken, I was hospitalized with heart failure...

I was given a 50% chance of living 5 years...

Terrified and overwhelmed, I tried to take  control of the only part of my health I could - my weight.  

But nothing worked no matter how hard I tried...

And I couldn't find anyone to help me with a plan...

So I dug deep into my medical education and expertise, to create a plan for myself...

I lost 60 pounds twenty years ago...

and have kept it off ever since.

I reversed my insulin dependency...

I have the energy I need to live my life...

I have my life...

It wasn't always easy, but it really wasn't that hard either


Is this program right for you?

Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ is a good fit if you are serious about losing weight and feeling better long term and not just looking for a quick fix...

  • Are you tired of giving up your favorite foods?
  • Are you frustrated by eating what you don't really like? 
  • Are you serious about losing weight and gaining all the benefits that come with it?
  • Do you understand that this is for life and not a temporary fix?
  • Do you want a program that is consistent and makes sense?
  • Do you want guidance, accountability, and a community for support?

You can ask friends and family to join with you!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place

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I will start you off with my 1:1:1 model to take the guess work out of the process...

Cover the most common diet mistakes and myths...

Then walk you through each module step-by-step. 

Module 1: Setting Obtainable and Sustainable Goals (we got this!)

Module 2: Finding The Right Plan For You! (getting it right the last time)

Module 3: Your customized plan (making food your fun friend)

Module 4: Make your "bad" habits work for you (not against you)

Module 5: Non-scale victories (are you feeling that?)

Module 6: Sabotage and pitfalls (so unbothered aka it's above me now)

Module 7: If and when exercise is appropriate (running late doesn't count...)

Module 8: Always and Forever plan


This truly will be the last program you'll ever need

Once you enroll you'll receive:

  • Privacy - your information is yours. Share as much or as little as you are comfortable. 
  • A simple plan to get you started that we will customize to make your own
  • My signature guide - How To Lose Weight Without Even Trying
  • Access to me through a members-only private community and by email for questions and support.

 As one client said - I  am setting you up for success!

Transformation Investment Option 1 

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  $999/month x 2 months 

refund up to 7 days after module 1

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Transformation Investment Option 2

  • Pay in full debit/credit card or
  • PayPal credit (6-months financing 0%  interest - upon approval)



refund up to 7 days after module 1

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“…so I basically kind of gave up. Then I called Dr. Toomer…When I say I have lost 43 pounds [60 total], this is proof. I originally went to Dr. Toomer for help to lose weight. While she did help me do that, she also was the only one who listened, helped figure out what was going on, why I gained weight to begin with, and helped me focus on a real plan for my diagnosis. She is a medical doctor and knew exactly what I needed specifically. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me…” 

– Melanie

Give yourself the gift of life time...


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